Leveraging The Power of Video Marketing

Our Story:

As small business owners, our team learned quickly that leveraging the power of video marketing strategies was crucial. Understanding this powerful concept has been a game changer for our current operations.

Our story is probably one that you have heard or experienced. We began our quest on the media production stage with print advertising. We thought using beautiful colors, memorable graphics, and profound copywriting techniques would get us noticed and have the customers standing in line for our services. How did that work out for us? It didn’t happen!

We noticed that more people were posting videos to advertise their products and services, but we believed what had been working for us and other businesses in the past would continue to work. How wrong we were. We also had another challenge; our team members needed to gain more experience using digital marketing tools. You might shake your head in disbelief, but it’s the truth.

We discovered what consumers watched to make their purchasing decisions and what connected them to millions of products and services offered by businesses.  The piece of the puzzle we were missing was “Video Marketing.”

At the time, our team needed more experience even to contemplate what video marketing would look like for us. But only for a short time. We enrolled in classes to learn the latest technology. In addition, we purchased the technology that allows our company to compete more effectively in the media production market. Finally, we recruited to our team those who possessed the experience and knowledge we needed, and we learned from them. For this reason,

d’ Shift Network is becoming one of the fastest-growing media production companies operating on the small business platform. It is also why we desire to share the knowledge we are gaining with you. We hope that we can add value to what you are already doing.

The Digital Age:

In this digital age, where attention spans are shrinking, and visual content dominates the online landscape, video marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to engage their target audience. Small businesses, often faced with limited resources and fierce competition, can immensely benefit from harnessing the potential of video marketing. We will explore the importance of video marketing for small businesses in Part 1 of this 2 Topic Series.

Captivating and Memorable Content

Video marketing allows businesses to convey their brand stories and messages in a visually compelling and memorable way. With the right blend of storytelling elements, visuals, and audio, small businesses can elicit emotions, build trust, and leave a lasting impression on their audience. Videos are 120% more likely to be shared on social media than images and text, increasing brand exposure and reach.

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