Shift your Business through our Production

d’Shift Network

Our productions tell your story, illustrate your vision, and provide our customers with value.

Our Focus for Your Project

Production and Set Creation

We use the latest technology to cause your visual projects to come to life.

Animated Character Design

Our creative scriptwriters capture your message and pen it.

Script Development and Voice Overs

Our voiceover experts are the best in the industry and project voice tones that cause your message to resonate with your customers.

Brand Identification

We understand the importance of brand recognition, and your brand is weaved throughout your project. Your customers will recognize your brand at a glance.

Marketing & Promotion

We define success as “Increased Earnings.” Our strength is woven into the power of your business, therefore, marketing your business on the path of abundance is essential.

Increasing your Bottom Line

Our media production services + understanding of your brand + our concern for your growth = increased productivity for your company and d’Shift Network.

About d’Shift Network

dShift Network is a full-service media production company in Sharpsburg, Georgia, specializing in crafting visual projects that tell your story, illustrate your vision, and deliver results. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from visual projects production and set creation to animated character design, script development, voiceovers, and brand identification. We believe that powerful visuals are essential for attracting and engaging your audience, and we’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals.

d’Shift Network is comprised of creative media innovators who are specialists in all areas of production. Our team includes network television and social media professionals.

Production Services

d’Shift Network embraces your project with a team of experienced producers, set and graphic designers, artists, actors and actresses, voiceover producers, writers, directors, and videographers, which is an exciting process when creating your visual project.