About d’Shift Network

About Us

d’Shift Network comprises creative media innovators who are specialists in all production areas. Our team includes network television and social media professionals.

We understand your production and marketing needs, from corporate business to the creative arts and the entertainment industry. So, commencing from the creative inception to project completion, our team will be with you to assist you in creating your ultimate vision.

Our marketing team is like no other. We are prepared to provide marketing consulting services along with creating a digital video that tells your story, illustrates your vision, and provides you with value.

d’Shift Network is more than a media production company. It owns digital real estate. Owning a section of the digital real estate market allows us to host your vision on television, which has the potential to reach millions.

d’Shift Network launched its television channel, “dShift99,” in 2023. dShift99 will host a variety of programming broadcasts. We will use dShift99 as a catalyst to survey what the public wants more of. Therefore, the channel will host talk shows and other forms of entertainment such as fashion, documentaries, karaoke, publications, movie and show critiques, and much more. The dShift99 broadcasting model is designed to grasp what people want to see more of. d’Shift has plans to issue quarterly public reports indicating which broadcasts exceed in the marketplace.


🎯 Produce Media that advances others, bringing more life, value, and wealth to all.

Our Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Creative Writing and Design
  • Animated Character Design
  • Camera Operations
  • Set and Custom Design
  • Gold Rated Customer Services

Our knowledge, skills, and abilities are just part of the platform on which we have built our media services. It is our intent to provide every client with our undivided attention regardless of company size. We continue to learn new market trends in order to provide our customers with the best knowledge, and skills available in the market.

Our Focus for Your Project

We are inspired to meet or exceed your goals as it relates to:

d’ Shift Network

Your turn-key media productions company

The d’Shift Network motto is “Shift Your Business Through Our Production”, and we do this by offering the following services to produce what you imagine.


d’ Shift Network uses the latest technology to cause your visual project to come alive. We stand ready to produce projects that are truly dynamic and affordable. From the creation of advertisements for your product or service to television shows and broadcasts, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, we offer tv channels where you can showcase your very own content ideas.

The key to Customer Success

d’Shift Network services are customized to your needs and completely turnkey. We are your media production team and thus become an essential part of your creative team, integrating ideas, creative vision, strong operational foundation, and much more. When you choose d’Shift Network, you have an entire media team working with you.

Placing your Information at your Customer’s Fingertips

From television and computer screens to streaming on mobile and other devices, d’ Shift Network utilizes the most up-to-date marketing tools to understand your customers and where they are receiving their information. In other words, we know where your customers reside and how to reach them, and we make sure you are there. We know what it takes to create a winning strategy for your media project and brand. Our intent is for you to reach your desired target market, and receive a return on your investment.


Our niche is working with small to medium businesses or individuals who have ideas for television shows. Therefore, we will work to earn your business, ensuring that our prices to get your advertisements or tv shows in front of millions are affordable. We are in the business to help your business grow to its full potential by producing media that keep your customers coming back for more.